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Galleon Buccaneers

[...] Captain Sarkozta announces a visit to the port of A Thousand Sins. All crew members will be ashore. [...] Will you manage to escape?

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Treasure of the Templars

The legend says before coming to the pyre Jacques de Molay gave a piece of parchment and a metallic sphere to a child telling him that he had to find the treasure of the order. Several years have passed. [...] the secret chamber of the Templars must be

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Zone 7

A serious accident in one of the zones released a gas into the ventilation system. [...] you will need to find a way to eliminate the deadly gas by evacuating the laboratory's air and releasing the air antidote in the Ventilation System...

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Blood Diamonds

[...] the largest diamond transaction in history will be conducted tonight. We must prevent this exchange. The diamonds must be in his office.

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Starry Night

The Starry Night exhibition containing Vincent Willem van Gogh’s works is currently under the watchful eyes of the police [...] An unedited version of the famous «Starry Night» from van Gogh was auctioned off on the dark web [...]

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