Thirty sunsets have passed since that day when these buccaneers, these bandits have made you their prisoners, their slaves...

Your chance, your only hope to return to the mainland; Captain Sarkozta announces a visit to the port of A Thousand Sins. All crew members will be ashore. You might find the key to the hatch and reach the bridge... where you would be quickly spotted by Great-Horn in the watch of the ship!

Your only ally is Wood-Chips, the ship's carpenter, who has long coveted the Captain’s diamonds, which according to the rumors are hidden in a grain bag stowed in the hold. This scoundrel, who has no remorse over betraying his homeland, grabbing the gems and taking vengeance on the Captain who unscrupulously robbed his share of the last looting, agreed to make a deal with you: Your freedom in exchange for Sarkozta's diamonds!

From now on, you have 60 minutes before the return of the pirates, to free yourself, find the key that opens the hatch of the hold and escape with the payment for Wood-Chips!