The government is secretly operating an underground biological laboratory. 
A serious accident in one of the zones released a gas into the ventilation system. Quickly the air of all the sectors is affected. The staff will be affected with life-threatening paralysis after 60 minutes. Zone 7 team is spared since they were in a highly sophisticated room used for testing airborne infections and toxins.

The laboratory artificial intelligence detects movement in your sector and transmits the survival plan to your team.

All your colleagues will be dead in 60 minutes if you don’t act quickly.

You must release a gas antidote in the laboratory's air to neutralize the deadly paralyzing gas.

To succeed, you must first create the antidote. 
You must then access the electric room located on the upper floor to manually force the opening to the room containing the Central Console of the Ventilation System.
Finally, you will need to find a way to eliminate the deadly gas by evacuating the laboratory's air and releasing the air antidote in the Ventilation System.