CIA 1990

The clandestine sale of illegal diamonds has never been so abundant.

A businessman named Mr. Draco is under investigation by our spies.

According to our sources, the largest diamond transaction in history will be conducted tonight.


We must prevent this exchange, which will be used to supply rebel armed groups with weapons and ammunition.

So we proceeded to search his houses, his warehouses and his yacht, but we did not find anything!


Team Delta - The diamonds must be in his office.


Our target has just come out for dinner. You thus have 1 hour to complete your mission.




Mr. Draco is president of several companies, but some are false leads.

Your goal is to search for hints in his office in order to identify  the names of 4 diamond companies.

When you find a company, check with his computer if a folder has that name.


In his office, there is a safe. Each of the companies you find will give you a number.

Make sure you have the right numbers and in the right order.

Delta Team get ready!