The Starry Night exhibition containing Vincent Willem van Gogh’s works is currently under the watchful eyes of the police. Let’s join my colleague at the Museum of Contemporary Art MDJ.


We don't have much detail for now, but the museum curator has informed the local authorities about a group of activists that would be behind the conspiracy against the Starry Night exhibition. The museum employees said they have heard voices and some even have seen figures lapping around the exhibition galleries.


A press conference will start in the next few minutes.


Recently, our spies obtained privileged information, making us believe that the museum curator stole a piece from the collection. 


An unedited version of the famous  «Starry Night» from van Gogh was auctioned off on the dark web for a big sum totaling around $20 million in cryptocurrencies. 


We need to grab the 22nd version of the painting before the auction ends. 


To do this, our inside informant left the control panel unlocked for the night.


After having increased access to the heating system and activating the security protocol, we will have complete access to the gallery.


Furthermore, we only have 60 minutes, between two guard rounds, to find the painting.


Be quick


** This room is not suitable for people with hearing disabilities **