Although he is not with us today, you have always had an unusual relationship with your grandfather. When you were with him, he told you stories of corrupt kings, cursed knights and legends that only he knew. How many times did he tell you the story of Jacques de Molay, the 25th Master of the Order of the Temple, as well as the legend of his execution ...


The legend says before coming to the pyre Jacques de Molay gave a piece of parchment and a metallic sphere to a child telling him that he had to find the treasure of the order. Treasure hunts and riddles, the moments spent with your grandfather were nothing ordinary. He loved to entertain you and never ceased to say that he was shaping you ... that one day you will understand.


Several years have passed. Most of your memories have faded but you still remember that according to the legend, the secret chamber of the Templars must be opened for the last time today.


It is for this reason that you went with your most precious friends to the museum of the Castle of Tomar out of curiosity and amusement...