My phone rings. 5:08 AM, still asleep. I clumsily fumble for the device on the nightstand. I slide the lock on the screen of my phone and cradle it between my ear and shoulder. I recognize John’s voice, the director of the FBI. Immediately, I turn on the lamp flooding my room with an ominously dim glow. As I sit up in my bed a shiver runs through my body. This is the first time that John has contacted me personally. In a few rigid words, he explained that my team and I are expected at the New York Crisis Department as soon as possible.

In the debriefing room, in front of my team, the serial killers special unit, John explained the situation.

This morning at 3:12AM, a female body was found lying outside a bakery in a little busy street in New York. When the NYPD was dispatched to the scene, the chief investigator saw a lily origami, the signature of the famous Twins Killer. Although the alleged killer is behind bars for 12 years, if it is indeed the work of this psychopath, the twin sister of the victim may be found dead in the next 3 hours.

Without further delay, my team and I, take our equipment and we head to the crime scene, hoping to gather enough clues to find the sister of the victim before it’s too late.